Marine Electric Propulsion

Electric propulsion and DC electrical systems

Electrical systems are getting more and more complicated. New technologies emerge every year giving new opportunities. For many however all this technical novelties might be very confusing. If all this Ah, kWh, kW, AC, DC, KVA, Nm, SOC abbreviations are giving you a headache Navinord if here to help! With vast experience in marine navigation, electronics, electrics and propulsion we can help you make electrical system on your boat modern, functional and reliable. Electric propulsion, hybrid propulsion, Lithium-ion battery banks have no secrets for us.

Navinord is glad to offer the following services:


Weather you are representing a big shipyard or are a private boat owner we can help you choose a best solutions for your needs.

  1. General early stage project assessment – mitigate early stage risk with us
  2. Offer validation – check if what you are offered if worth what they say
  3. Existing systems assessment – If you consider buying a boat (new or used) with electrical propulsion, we can prepare a detailed report on it’s electrical system. You will know what you are paying for.
  4. Trainings – If you want to expand your or your team knowledge on electric propulsion we will provide a custom trainings. Whether it an engineering team or sales team we will adjust level of detail to get best outcome.
  5. Ship Owner Representative – If training if not enough for you or you do not have resources we can act on your behalf, supervising electric propulsion installations form beginning till the very end.

General contractor

We can design, deliver and commission electric propulsion system for you, regardless whether it is a new design or an retrofit. Our focus are systems ranging from 10kW to 200kW appropriate for boat raging from 35ft up to 100ft. We cooperate with all major electric propulsion manufacturers.

As a first step we will gather your requirements to ensure that all your needs we be fulfilled. We work closely we you to get a most cost-effective solution.